Benefits on-demand learning

Increase the effectiveness of the learning process!

There are several benefits with a training that is splitted up in smaller portions. The quicker after a training activity you can apply it in your daily life, the better you will learn. With the on-demand module concept, you can watch a session, pause make notes, repeat as much as you need for each session and the sessions can be spread over time.

Apply your learning immediately!

If you apply what you have learnt directly in your organisation, you will remember approximately 90 percent of it after two weeks. This is significantly higher than for traditional training. This gives higher effect of the training.

We believe in the  70:20:10-model  where 70 percent of the learning will take place on the job, 20 percent is set aside for personal reflection and coaching and the final 10 percent is dedicated to training sessions such as the modules you will find here on KEYcademy™

Benefits for the organisation and management

  • Less than half the times compared to traditional training
  • More cost effective
  • Less costs for time away from operations
  • No travel costs – and good for the environment!
  • Verified knowledge through the tests embedded during the course

Benefits for you as a user

  • You can pause, repeat and do the training at your own pace
  • Time to reflect after each module
  • You will immediately get the certificate as soon as the training is finished
  • Highly reputable trainers, immediately available
  • No additional time for travel and time away from family needed
  • Get the knowledge when you need it and use it directly

Knowledge matters.